The Apostolic Catholic (Universal)

Church of Jesus the Christ

The true Apostolic Church will come into existence through the work of the Holy Spirit in gathering Spirit-filled Christians of all denominations. There will be an essential, fundamental unity of belief without any possibility of compromise, neither with regard to doctrine nor to the spirit of the world.

There will be one leadership under the twelve Apostles of the End Time. This Church of Jesus the Christ may be called the Church within the Churches or among the churches (the wheat among the chaff).

The vital organ of unity in question is the College of the 12 Apostles. It is in acting through it, as His chief instrument of authority, that Christ means to maintain His Church in unity and reveal to her the whole truth. As it was in the beginning so it will also be at the end. The Apostles are directly appointed by Christ Himself.

All Christians must ask God for His messengers -  His Apostles.


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